Free Resources...

Genealogy 101 - Helpful Hints to get you started.

Library and Archives Canada - The best place to start searching for federal and provincial documentation.

National Archives - Search for Attestation Papers for soldiers from WW1 & has a link to Canadian Genealogy Centre.

Service Files of WW2 - War Dead from 1939-1947 - Service Files

Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Search for war dead from Canada and other Commonwealth countries.

Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management - Genealogy Section - Find ancestor's Birth, Marriage and Death certificates. Get copies (small cost).

Mary's Genealogy Treasures
Find ancestor's Birth, Marriage and Death certificates - All counties.

 Lunenburg Genweb Project - The best place to start for South Shore Nova Scotian genealogy

Canadian Genweb Project - Links to all provincial Genweb Project

U.S. Genweb Project - American Genweb projects covers all states

WorldGenWeb Project - As the name implies, search the world

Family Search - Mormon Genealogy site. A very good place to search

Ancestor Hunt - Another Mormon Genealogy Search Site

1770 Census of Lunenburg, N.S. - Bryan Keddy has transcribed this valuable Census of family households

Newfoundland Census records - 1675-1945

Post 1901 Canadian Census Project - N.S. census records on line

1871 Census - Queens County, N.S. (Port Mouton)

1871 Census - Queens County, N.S. (Liverpool & Vicinity)

1881 Census - Queens County, N.S. (incl. White Point & Milton areas)

Census of 1851 (Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia)


CGHL - Canadian Genealogy & History Links - Central source for many historical, vital statistics and personal genealogy pages

The Nova Scotia Genealogy Network Association - Formed to provide access to and promote genealogical resources pertaining to Nova Scotia and support the efforts of the local and county historical societies in the province.

Canadian Census Finder

Click here for free genealogy search help for Google


Commercial Resources...

* Take care when using commercial resources. For instance, you can obtain records to all the John Smiths from Belfast, Ireland. But, there may be 60 John Smiths from Belfast, Ireland and you need to pay for each and every John Smith record you have access to. Use with caution. *


Welcome to Ulster Ancestry
Genealogy and Family History Research in Northern Ireland

Records Ireland
Genealogical research in Ireland. Specializing in certificates for Irish citizenship plus wills, land and census records.

The Desperate Genealogist’s Idea Book
Genealogy e-book packed with family history research tips that reveal creative ways to outsmart your elusive ancestors.

Search Engine Genealogy
Search Engine Genealogy is an eBook that teaches people how to search for their ancestors on the internet.

In depth search for someone alive.

Locate and Investigate Anyone!

Southwest Nova Scotia Genealogy Circuit
Our acclaimed archives and library has extensive holdings including rare and out of print books, family genealogies and a searchable documented data base with over 70,000 individuals who have a Shelburne County connection. There is a large collection of books and documents pertaining to Loyalist and Mayflower lineages and to local and adjacent county history.


Personal Sites...

Down East - A Maritime Heritage - The late don Shankle's site has a wealth of genealogy information including transcribed databases of births, deaths, etc.

Descendants of Jean George Boutilier - Robert Kim Stevens has contributed this comprehensive genealogy of the Boutilier family.

Cathy DiPietro's Genealogy Page - Includes surname interests, including Zinck, Heckman, Bachman, Herman, Seaboyer/Seeburger, Geldert, Young, Conrad, Knickle, Weagle and many more.

Chris Young's Home Page - Includes his Lunenburg County ancestors, an index of Lunenburg County wills, and an excellent genealogy research outline.

Pat Watson's Genealogy Page - Features many Lunenburg County surnames, such as Boutilier, Hubley, and Dauphinee.

The late Muriel Davidson's Down Home site. - has great info transcribed from the Eagle Head area cemeteries, extracts from Simeon Perkin's diary (Liverpool) and vital stats 1766-1810.

George Rose's Nova Scotia Links - A host of valuable links for Nova Scotia including Acadian genealogy.

Susan Gowan's Jump Page of Genealogy - A lot of great personal pages, Yahoo Groups (recipes,genealogy,etc.), Message Boards and a tribute to the 85th Nova Scotia Highlanders.

Genealogy Software...

There has alway been a plethora of genealogy programs available stretching back to the days of DOS only. They were simple little databases with very limited printout options. There are many choices these days in Windows based programs but most of them are still limited in useability and output. These lesser programs including the likes of Brothers Keeper, The Master Genealogist, Ancestral Quest, PAF - Personal Ancestral File, Ancestral Quest and a few more are gnerally a waste of time. What you are looking for is ease of use, ability to import/export data, control over your reports, ability to add multi-media and backup creation. After trials of available programs, only two come near serving all needs. They are Family Tree Maker and Roots Magic. See Reviews

Roots Magic

A long time favourite among those who have used the programs was Family Origins. There simply was not another program gave you the ease of use and full functionality that you needed. Family Origins also gave you great looking output reports along with multi-media. Alas, Family Origins (which I have used since version 4) met it's demise after version 7. This left many of us gnashing our teeth but all is not lost. The same people who wrote Family Origins under contract, have now written a very, very similar product called Roots Magic. The switch from Family Origins to Roots Magic is seamless. You can simply import your old Family Origins data into Roots Magic. Roots Magic is very user friendly and a snap to use. At $29.95, Roots Magic is definitely my first choice. Available from Roots Magic. See Roots Magic report for this site here

* Roots Magic 4 - New Release

Having been a long time user of Family Origins and now Roots Magic, I have eagerly awaited each new issue. The creators of today’s Roots Magic also created the original Family Origins under contract. I started off with Roots Magic 3 and was thrilled to find that it was very close to the look, feel and operation of my Family Origins 7. You can even import your Family Origins data directly into Roots Magic.
Now, Roots Magic 4 has arrived. As much as I like RM3, RM4 has really made the program much  more robust and even more user friendly.
Here are some of the new features I appreciated.

  1. When viewing your family tree, you will see a little slider bar in the upper left and lets you view either four or five generations at a time.
  2. The main screen is split into two screens with easy to use tabs. On the left, tabs give you instant access to an Index of alternate names, complete family of highlighted person, bookmarks, history and groups. On the right, tabs allow instant viewing your pedigree, family, descendants, view all people in data base (customizable) and last but not least is an Internet Explorer frame which will allow you to search for genealogy info.
  3. The Geomapping feature is terrific. All the locations in your locations database can easily be matched to a database giving latitude and longitude. This displays an actual map of the location. The maps are printable. Check out their Blog
  4. To add mothers and fathers now, one only has to click on the mother or father box in the pedigree view to add the info.
  5. The new Book creation feature allows you to create customized books with opening pages, graphics, headers & footers, many different kinds of reports and these can be done in horizontal or landscape modes. The resulting book is nearly as attractive as a report done with The Complete Genealogist which is dedicated for that purpose.
  6. There is a Family Search function that will do a full online search on any name you use and give you the results from many sources.

I would say that Roots Magic 4 is a true upgrade and the added features are definitely worth the small upgrade price. Well done Roots Magic.

Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker has been around for many years and is one of the most popular programs used by genealogists. Although a fairly expense package, FTM usually came bundled with American Census disks and also has the ability of searching American Census online. FTM produces reasonable reports, imports data and provides most of what genealogy researchers are looking for. Years ago, I compared FTM with Family Origins and found that Family Origins was the better of the two. Family Origins ceased being updated and supported. Various companies such as Broderbund and Parson's Technology have markets these programs. Today, Family Tree Maker comes to you via and would be my second choice in genealogy software. No longer bundled with the American Census CD's, it is available for $39.95 at


This is is not your typical "enter gedcom data" genealogy software. What it does, is give the nicest looking reports of any genealogy software I have seen. You can output to text, PDF or build a terrific, professional-looking web site with just a few clicks. You have total control of the content. While FTM and Family Origins will do similiar operations, they do not produce to exceptional graphical quality of The Complete Genealogy Reporter. See PDF report here.

With The Complete Genealogy Reporter, you import a gedcom before you produce the report. It comes bundled with Gedpad Pro. GedPad is an editor for GEDCOM files with full hyperlinking between related sections (individuals, families, sources, etc.). I highly recommend you download the trial version

You won't be disappointed with your reports and a very good deal for $27.95. Building your gedcom with Family Origins and producing a report with The Complete Genealogy Reporter is an unbeatable combination.


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Down Home - Nova Scotia and relatives through Canada and USA

OVS-Genealogy- Software Cemetery Transcriptions, Birth, Death Marriage Records, Family Histories, etc.. Add a link. Search for your surname.

Canada Census Finder -  Add your URL to Canada Census Finder in exchange for theirs.


OVS-Genealogy- Software Cemetery Transcriptions, Birth, Death Marriage Records, Family Histories, etc.. Add a link. Search for your surname.

Family Genealogy Pages - Your site will be listed alphabetically

CyProtect AG - Exchange genealogy links - Genealogy Societies, Articles, and Books for Everyone. Over 1000 genealogy societies listed, a library of articles, and a wide selection of genealogy books.

Cyndi's List - Comprehensive Index

GeneaLinks - Online Marriage Records  A marriage records database and links to genealogy and history sites to help visitors find genealogy information on the internet

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