Conrad History


You will see many spellings of the Conrad name. In German, it was pronounced Coon-rod. Hence, it was often scribed in this country as Conrod. You will also see spellings such as Conradt, Conrod, Konradt, etc.

The Conradt name means "One who is considered to be a bold, aggressive counselor". It was written this way originally and only later changed by some german families to Konrad. The earliest ancestor we can trace on my Conrad side is Matthias Conrad, a coachman by trade, who arrived in the small village of Kleinhuebach am Main in 1563 along with other draymen with a load of wood to rebuild the local church which was built in 1454 and destroyed by French attacks in the thirty years war. He stayed and married a local girl. Matthias was born about 1535 and many Canadian and American Conrads'/Conrods' are descended from him. Earlier ancestral records seem to have been destroyed. Should anyone find anything, please let me know. I will certainly pass on to you all anything I find. The Conrad's not descended from Johann Matthias are descended from Johann Jacob. See more on my Conrad Lines page.

The Conrad/Conrod Book

Matthias and Jacob: Contains the family of Johann Jacob Conrad, the Lawrencetown family and those Conrads descended from Johann Lorentz Conrad whose family settled primarily in the Upper LaHave and Bridgewater, Lunenburg County area. It goes back to Kleinhuebach am Maine, Germany in the 1500's.

The Family of Johann Nicolaus Conrad: The family that settled in Lunenburg county in the villages of Cherry Hill, Voglers Cove(formerly Conrads Cove), East Port Medway and South Range.

The Family of Johann George Conrad: The family that settled at Lunenburg County in villages of Rosebay and Broad Cove and in Halifax County at St. Margaret's Bay and the Three Fathom Harbour areas. Some also went to Chezzetcook, NS.

The Family of Johann Caspar Conrad: The most widespread brance of the family. They account for the majority of the family at Conrod Settlement and at Chezzetcook in Halifax County - in Lunenburg County at Mount Pleasant - as well the Conrads who settled in Queen County during the 1800's. Many descendants are in the United States.