Conrad Genealogy Lines



There are four genealogical lines of Conrads/Conrods that I have found so far. There are two Nova Scotian lines, the line of Jacob Conrad and the line of Matthias Conrad. (My line is Matthias) American Conrads/Conrods include Canadian Conrads who emigrated to the U.S.

There is a purely American line of Conrads. The Conrads of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, descend from Maximilian Conrad, born in Alsace-Loraine, Germany, who after his marriage in Havre, France, came in 1847 to the United States. He settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he resided until his death.

He enlisted in the One Hundred and First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, 101st Regiment, at the beginning of the civil war, and served until honorably discharged on account of defective hearing. Later he re-enlisted and served until the close of the war.

He married Elizabeth Morganstein, and six months after the birth of their first son, Jacob, came to the United States. Children: Jacob, born in France, in 1847; Elizabeth; Peter; Emma; George W., of further mention; John; Ella; Henrietta.

This line of Conrads even went to the moon. Astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr. was born on June 2, 1930 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the third child and first son of Charles Conrad Sr. and Frances De Rappelage Conrad (née Vinson), a well-to-do real estate and banking family.

On 14 November 1969, Apollo 12 launched with Conrad as commander, Dick Gordon as Command Module Pilot and Alan Bean as Lunar Module Pilot. Five days later, after stepping onto the lunar surface, Conrad joked about his own small stature by remarking:

  “ Whoopee! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but that's a long one for me. ”  


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One of line of Conrads is a pure Polish line I found in British Columbia. No doubt they moved from Germany into Poland at an early date. All the Conrad lines are probably from one original stock.