Boutilier History


Boutilier Genealogy and the Boutilier Surname

BOUTEILLER: Botailler, Boutoiller, Boutilier, etc .: "Jehan Botailler, son of the late Jehan Quaty" was found at Chagey in 1487. The name Botailer, spelled variously, is undoubtedly a nickname, coming perhaps from an obligation to a lord. The family so-named was subject to church taxes in the fief of Nans, at Chagey. The lords of Nans near Montbozon also had fiefs at Luze, Champey, etc. The Bouteillers wound up spread from Chagey to Echenans-sous-Mont Vaudois, Luze, Echenans-sur-l’Etang, etc.

My line of Boutiliers (Bouteilliers) is of Jean George Bouteillier.

Jean George left Europe on 30 May 1752 and arrived in Halifax in September aboard the "Sally". He was a "joiner". He probably died at sea on the way over as although he was on board the Sally when she departed Rotterdam, he was not entered on the first victualling lists at Halifax and his younger children were registered as orphans.

From these young orphans came Jean George's grandaughter Marie Elizabeth Boutilier who married Johannes Georg Eichel, the Hessian soldier, and begat the Oickle, Oicles, Oikle, Oicle, Eickel and Eichel lines. Marie was the daughter of Jean George's son Nicholas.

Better known grandchildren of Jean George are the infamous George and John Bouilier who murdered their godparents and their grandaughter. They are the sons of Jean George junior. See the Boutilier Murders Trial.