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78th Battalion, Pictou Highlanders

Pictou Highlanders

Recruits for the 78th Battalion, Pictou Highlanders Taken by J.W. Leslie in front of his store in Sherbrooke on July 22 1940 left to right: Jack Perkins, Russell Clooney, William (Bill) MacIntosh, James (Jim) Boutilier, Verner Fraser, Bud Leslie,
Gordon Mailman, William (Billy) Fernandez, Sergeant Joe Sarson, Essan Jack, Sidney Cluney,Reginald MacLean,
Clyde Pryde, Freddie Mailman, Lawson Fernandez and Leslie Croft.

Sidney Cluney -
son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cluney, enlisted in the Pictou Highlanders in July 1940. He was found medically unfit and was discharged in August 1940.

Russell Clooney -
son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clooney ( see WWI veterans) -
He enlisted in July 1940 in the Pictou Highlanders. He went overseas in April 1942 and saw service in England, Sicily, Italy, Holland and Germany.
He married Betty Needham of Blakeny Heath, Surrey England, and made their home in Sherbrooke. Russell re-enlisted in the permanent  army in March 1947 and was stationed at Halifax.

Russel Clooney

Russel Clooney's wedding in England.

Pictou Highlanders

World War Ii Soldiers At Ease In Field; D Coy Pictou Highlanders 2Nd Res B.N., Sherbrooke, N.S., Sept 3, 1943.