Anna Maria von Ludwig(Conrad)


Anna Maria was the wife of George Conrad "The Elder" and was the last person charged with witchcraft in the village of Kleinheubach, Germany. She survived brutal torture and the death of the rest of her family. Her horrific ordeal at the hands of the Holy Roman Church is the subject of my semi-fictional book "The Last Heretic".


- Some Reader Comments -

"Just this minute I finished your book and I am writing to you with tears still running down my cheeks." - Linda, Calgary, AB

"Thank you for writing such a thought provoking book, as well as teaching me something I knew nothing about. BRILLIANT!!!!!!" -Tracey, Richmond

"This book was so well written I felt like I was there witnessing the unthinkable acts towards Anna Maria. I couldn't put it down"- Peggy, McLure, BC

We both read THE LAST HERETIC....what a terrible but captivating story!..We both read it in 2 days as we could not put it down...thanks so much for offering it to us... - Nicole, St Souveur, PQ

I received a copy of The Last Heretic in the mail and both my wife and I read it in 2 days. It was very well written and both difficult and fascinating to read. Difficult to read in part because Anna Marie was a relative of ours, albeit many generations in the past, and also because what happened to her, happened to many innocent victims. Thanks ever so much for this fascinating glance into Conrad family history! - Christopher, St John's, NL.

I sat right down and read it from cover to cover.  Just had to finish it before I called it a day.  It was very riveting -- yet so sad, too. I never realized things were like that -- hope we never see that dark side again.  Would make a good movie.- Shirley, Carver, MA.

More to the Story....

There are a few conflicts in the story of Anna. While my book is a semi-fiction, the full account of Anna's family is even more horrific. For instance, Anna was pregnant during her tortures which she had to endure on more than one occaision and her mother Maria and brothers George, Stefan and Hans(and his wife Margarethe) were tortured and burned at the stake.


While there is documentation showing that Anna was married to a Hans Heinrich, her sons Burkhardt and Lorentz are listed as having Jeorg (George Conrad) as their father. Hans Heinrich's signature, along with Anna's, can be seen in the figure below which is a document stating that Hans Heinrich and Anna will be responsible for the costs of her trial. If this is Hans Heinrich, the son of Matthias, he would be nearly 100 years old. It is noted that this Hans Heinrich has a beautiful signature. How many people nearly 100 years old could possible write this beautifully? Young Anna lists her father as Hans Heinrich. If this was Hans Heinrich senior, he would have had children who were half-siblings to his grandchildren. Not very plausable. Pastor Wagner believes that Hans Heinrich and George may have been brothers. Was there a Hans Heinrich junior(brother to George) who also married Anna after George's death? Due to the records being destroyed around that time, we may never know and can only speculate at this point. In the end though, Anna was never cleared of witchcraft and remains today, Kleinheubach's last witch/heretic.

Please refer to the original church documents regarding the conflict between Hans Heinrich and Jeorg being husbands of Anna Maria. It is very possible they both were. It is also my belief, for now, that Hans Heinrich and Jeorg may have been sons of Hans Heinrich senior.

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