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Welcome to Down Home. This site was created to help my fellow genealogy researchers in their quest for their family genealogy. You will find some general historical information such as the Planters, Lutherans, etc. My main purpose is to link up with relatives from the many branches of my family.

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Latest Book by DS Conrad

River Child


Ashore on a remote Brazilian beach to bury his dead crewmen, a Massachusetts sea captain finds a small boy, alone and near death. He takes the boy to his New England home and adopts him as his son. Unknowingly, the captain has also brought home an ancient spirit whose sole purpose is to protect the boy at all costs. The child is the key to a conflict that will determine the destiny of all mankind.

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Blood of the Witches is a non-fictional account of the many Conrad ancestors who were persecuted and executed as witches in Kleinheubach, Germany.
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The Last Heretic is a semi-fictional account written around the true story of Anna Maria Conrad, the last person accused of witchcraft in kleinheubach, Germany. It is a story of incredible suffering and survival.
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