I was born in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1949. After retirement, I turned to writing and published my first novel, The Last Heretic. My first book sold far beyond my expectations so I followed it up with a few more.

My career as a Coast Guard officer took me too all reaches of the country, serving on both coasts, the Great Lakes, Labrador and Inuvik.My wife and I now live near the town of Sidney on Vancouver Island.

The Last Heretic is a semi-fiction based on the true story of the life and horrific ordeals of Anna Maria, the last person in the village of Kleinheubach, Germany to be tried for witchcraft. Caught in the struggle between the Holy Roman Church and the forces of the Reformation, Anna Maria's life and death changed the lives of thousands around her.

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Last Heretic


.....In The Last Heretic, author DS Conrad brings the turbulance of 16th century Europe deftly to life.

.....A riveting medieval tale that is all the more chilling for being true.

.....DS Conrad reveals a fine talent.

.....Intriguing historical narrative.

- New York Times bestselling author, Ellen Tanner Marsh -


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Books 1 + 2 - one volume

Ashore on a remote Brazilian beach to bury his dead crewmen, a Massachusetts sea captain finds a small boy, alone and starving. He takes the boy to his New England home and adopts him as his son. Unknowingly, the captain has also brought home an ancient spirit whose sole purpose is to protect the boy at all costs. The child is the key to a conflict that will determine the destiny of mankind.


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Blood Witches

Blood of the Witches is a non-fictional account of the persecution of the Witches of Kleinheubach. Generations of families were wiped out in a pogrom enacted by the Holy Roman Church and the Earl of Erbach. Numerous innocent victims were executed.

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My writing has been heavily influenced by his other passion, genealogy. For his look into Nova Scotian genealogy, visit my

Downhome website.

Nova Scotia

Another hobby is wood turning. Visit my Penarium site Here


A true passion of mine since now in its 46th year. It never fails to make me feel fresh, alive and young.


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